Want to Make Your Bathroom a Happy Place? Follow These Simple Steps

Are you someone who loves bringing their ideas to life in the form of customization? Do you love making every inch of your home feel made specifically for you and your needs? Here are several steps that can help you make your bathroom a happy place.


One of the worst things about having a small bathroom is having the toilet and shower in the same space. Sometimes the loo does not smell too good, and sometimes you just want to enjoy your shower without any distractions.

By installing partitions, you can create two different spaces in one room. Shower screens or shower curtains are usually the common options for this. Not only will you be able to have your own private space, partitioning also makes it possible for two people to use the bathroom at once.


Colour is one of the most powerful things used to enhance the beauty of anything. If you enjoy taking long showers or you generally take a lot of time to get prepared, you should consider making that space fun. You can use small colourful stickers on your mirror and walls, coloured lighting, floor rags with patterns or even customized shower screens. All these options will make your bathroom come to life, making it yet another cosy room in your house.


You cannot keep a dirty bathroom and expect it to be a happy place. The bathroom is one of the easiest places for germs and bacteria to spread because most of our body wastes and toxins are deposited here. You should therefore have a strict cleaning routine which you should stick to for the best results. Make sure to wipe clean all the surfaces including mirrors, shower screens and toilet tops to avoid staining.


Candles are a great way of setting a mood or atmosphere for your bathroom. They provide a relaxing ambience together with dim lighting which might be exactly what you need after a long day at work. Using scented candles also leaves your bathroom smelling great.

To avoid any potential fire, make sure you place the candles away from flammable products such as chemical cosmetics and aerosols. Keep them away from drapes and any other hanging clothes. Contrary to popular beliefs, using candle stands that are bigger than the candle's base is much safer since the candle wax will not spill over the floor or counter tops.

For a better effect, place some candles around the base of your shower screen for dim but powerful lighting.