All Natural Tips For Cleaning Your Glass Shower Screen

Keeping your glass shower screen sparkling clean and free of soap scum can be a rather daunting task even with the most powerful cleaning chemicals in hand. Add to this the desire to use all-natural cleaning methods and it is easy to understand why so many green homeowners struggle to keep their shower screens clean. If you have found yourself struggling with this same issue, you will be glad to know that your struggle is about to come to an end. This is because with the simple tips outlined below, taking an all-natural approach to shower cleaning has never been easier.

Unleash The Power Of Vinegar

One of the most powerful cleaning agents you will have available to you can be found right in your kitchen. In fact, when battling mineral deposits on your shower screen, white vinegar will often outperform expensive chemical cleaners.

In order to unleash the cleaning power of vinegar, simply mix one part vinegar and one part warm water in a clean spray bottle. Spray your shower screen with the vinegar mixture and allow to sit for a few seconds. Using a clean microfibre cloth, simply wipe away any dirt, soap scum and mineral deposits on your shower door.

The best part about choosing to use vinegar to clean your glass shower screen is that not only will this cleaning solution remove dirt and grime, but it will also restore your glass to a shiny finish.

Breakout The Baking Soda

If you are looking for a way to not only clean, but deodorise as well, baking soda can provide the all-natural solution you are looking for.

To effectively clean your glass shower screen using baking soda, you will need to first wet the entire screen using plain warm water. Using a clean cloth, apply baking soda to the wet door until it forms a paste. Allow the baking soda paste to sit for a few minutes to breakup even the most difficult stains then simply wipe the paste away with a clean cloth. In order to remove any residue and restore shine to your shower screen, you will need to rinse your glass with plain warm water after cleaning.

In Conclusion

Maintaining a clean shower screen does not mean that you need to use harsh chemicals. In fact, with the two easy to use methods above, it is possible to maintain a sparkling clean shower screen with items that are commonly found in your kitchen cabinet.

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