Three Types of Heating for Your Patio

If you are intending to use your patio outside of the summer months, you will have to give some thought to keeping your guests warm. Fortunately, there are many different types of patio heating that will do the job.

Fire Pit

One very common method is a fire pit. These "pits" are usually above ground and are made of stone, built up in a circle to enclose the fire inside; but they can also be sunken, with the fire in a specially made hole in the patio. They make an interesting feature and come in numerous shapes and designs, so they can be built to fit in with the rest of your patio design. The fuel will probably be wood but gas fire pits are also available, and even electric versions if you don't want a real fire. The main advantage of a fire pit is that it combines the romance of a campfire with the safety of enclosing it within a fireproof surround.


If you are worried about having a fire burning in the open, however, a chiminea may be the solution. Chimineas are usually made of metal, and are like a miniature fireplace—the fire will be raised off the ground and directed through a chimney at the top, with the heat escaping through a small opening in the front. This means that the warmth of the fire is directed onto the patio where you want it, while the smoke is carried away above your guests' heads. They are also one of the safest types of fire features available, as the fire is completely enclosed within the chiminea.

Patio Heater

A third option, however, avoids the need for fire altogether. Patio heaters are available that work on either gas or electricity, and come in all shapes and sizes. Free-standing heaters will direct the heat downwards onto your guests, although you need to be careful that they cannot be tipped over. Wall-mounted heaters are an excellent way of saving space while hanging heaters can be suspended from a ceiling to distribute the heat evenly over your patio. You can even buy small table-top heaters that will do for adding a bit of warmth to a small gathering, although they will not heat up the entire patio.

Whichever option you go for, your heating will transform your patio from a summer space to a place you can use for entertaining and socialising all year round. Just talk to your installer about your options.  

For more information, contact local patio builders