What is the Proper Way to Set Up a Furniture Store?

Are you responsible for setting up and organising a furniture store? If so, you might be wondering exactly how to accomplish that. While there are many different ways to set up your furniture store, there are certain tips and tricks that can provide a functional and inviting space to your customers. From leaving enough room for trying out recliners, to strategically placing certain items near the entrance, these tips will help you set up the store properly.

Put Newer Furniture by the Window

Not everyone who enters your furniture store originally had the idea to shop for furniture. You will get a variety of people who were enticed by what you had in the window. Every store owner likes to use a different technique, and eventually, you will figure out what works best for you. However, many furniture stores like to put their newest or most unique items near the window.

Shoppers probably know you have a brown sectional, so no need to put it in the window. Instead, put that brand new marble dining bar-height table you got in last week.

Group Furniture Collections Together

Another way to set up your furniture store is by grouping furniture collections together. Each section of your store should have a furniture collection, such as an entire bedroom set, dining room set, or living room set. For example, you might have a sofa, loveseat, armchair, coffee table and two end tables all part of the same collection. While customers may not buy every piece in the collection, it helps to see it all together.

Decorate Entire Rooms

Customers also like to see how an entire room would be decorated. Not just with furniture collections grouped together, but showing how they could decorate it. Put throw pillows and blankets on sofas, choose matching stools for chairs, and put up stylish artwork.

Leave Enough Room for Walking and Trying it Out

Remember if you get furniture hire and have new pieces delivered to your store, that you leave plenty of room for walking. Your customers want to be able to walk through the store with plenty of comfort. If you have recliners or sofa beds, leave enough room for customers to try it out. If you are having furniture hire for a large amount of new items, store some of your multiple items in the storage rooms, and move the new items toward the front of the store.

Spread Out Expensive and Inexpensive Items

If you have all clearance or inexpensive items in one area, and high-end items in the other, most customers will completely avoid the expensive section. This is not a great tactic for business. Instead, mix them up and spread them out so customers can see a little of both.

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