Understanding Clutter From An Emotional Level

Clutter is more than just something that crowds your house. The presence of clutter can bring up intense emotional responses in people, and getting rid of clutter can also be hard and emotional. If you are tired of clutter and wondering which emotions may be holding you back, take a look at this information:

Clutter Stores Energy

Stacks of old possessions or clutter store energy, according to author Tisha Morris. This stagnant energy affects you in a number of emotional ways. To date, psychologists have identified stress, inability to relax, anxiety and guilt as related to clutter.

Removing Clutter Helps You Feel Better But It Isn't Always Easy

Based on those connections, if you remove the clutter from your home, you will feel better. You will be less stressed, more relaxed, less anxious and less guilty.

However, it isn't easy to grab a bin bag and throw away or donate everything you own. You may need some of those items later, or you may have an emotional attachment to them. Luckily, there is middle ground between throwing things out and keeping them forever – you can store items in a self storage facility.

There Are Different Reasons To Keep Clutter

To decide if self storage is the right answer for your clutter, you need to consider why you are holding onto your clutter. Here is a look at a few of the reasons people hold onto things and some ideas of how to deal with items if these are your underlying feelings:

Sentimental Value: If something has sentimental value, it isn't really clutter. It's something special. If you don't have room for it in your home, put it in storage until you do have room. Alternatively, take a photo of the object and get rid of it.

Possible Functional Value: All of the old yarn and craft supplies you have been saving for years fall into this category. If you think you are going to use this stuff someday when you have more time, put it in plastic bins and store it.

Guilt-Laden Monetary Value: In some cases, people think that they can't throw out possessions because they feel as if the money they spent on those items will be wasted if the item is let go. If the item is still worth money, you can recoup some of its value by selling it. If it is not worth anything, the money is already gone. You need to decide whether or not you want the object regardless of its original cost.

As you can see, ownership and clutter can be psychological and emotional. If you are tired of feeling stressed and anxious, consider getting rid of some of your stuff. If you are emotionally tied to your possessions or if there is a good chance you will use them in the future, resolve the issue by renting storage.

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