Roofing Options You Can Consider For Your Pergola

In years past, pergolas were simply viewed as open roof structures that enhance the aesthetics of gardens and entryways. Over time though, more and more people are seeking roofing options for their pergolas so as to create a comfortable living space outdoors. As such, there are now a myriad of roofing options that you could consider when consulting with pergola builders. However, before making a decision on what type of roofing you would like, you would have to ensure that it suits your individual needs for the pergola. Here are some of the different roofing options that you can consider for your pergola.

Living roofs

As the name suggests, living roofs are organic, and they comprise of plants. To create this type of roof, your pergola builders would have to install battens at the top of the pergola, which would make it a semi-enclosed space. Once these battens are in place, climbing plants such as vines can be strategically placed on the pergola and as they grow, they will intertwine themselves on the battens closing up some of the gaps. Living roofs are great for pergolas that are being primarily installed as a garden accent, as this type of roof ensures that your pergola integrates well with the outdoors. It should be noted though that a living roof would not allow you to use your pergola all year round, as the pergola will not be adequately sheltered from wet weather.

Polycarbonate roofs

Another option that you could consider for pergola roofing materials is polycarbonate. Some individuals may shy away from this type of roof, as it tends to have limited insulation, thus leading to high heat transference during the summer months. To avoid this, though, you can opt for multiwall polycarbonate. This type of material comprises several layers that not only work toward providing your pergola with adequate insulation, but it also enhances the acoustic insulation of the pergola. This acoustic insulation decreases the amount of noise you would hear when raindrops are pattering on your pergola roof.

Retractable awnings

For homeowners that would want the option of opening and closing their pergola roofing, retractable awnings would be an ideal choice. These awnings come in a variety of colours, hence ensuring that you could get something that would either blend in with your overall theme colours or add a pop of color to your yard. Additionally, retractable awnings can be automatically operated, making it convenient to open and close depending on the prevailing weather.