How Do You Get Into Your Car When The Car Keys Are Locked Inside?

You are not the first person to lock your car keys inside your car; it is a situation that has troubled many people. If your spare key is out of reach, your natural instinct may push you to call an auto locksmith for assistance. While it is a good idea, there are tricks you can try to unlock the doors before you do so.

Unlocking The Door With A Shoelace

It is hard to imagine how a shoelace can open a locked door but the fact is that it does actually work. If your car has a pull up lock, then this method is best suited for you.

Take out your shoelace and tie a knot somewhere in the middle; that way, it is possible to tighten the knot by pulling the ends of the shoelace. Take one end of the string and slide it in through the corner of the door that is near the lock; getting the shoelace in is more of a wiggling motion. Wiggle the string until you are satisfied that the knot is over the lock. Then pull up the other end of the string to tighten the knot as well as to unlock the door.

Unlock The Door With A Coat Hanger

One of your coat hangers can also be a life saver when it comes to locked doors. Find something thin that you can use for opening up a small gap at the top of the door. A wedge is a good tool, for instance. If it is not easily accessible, you can use a ruler or a putty knife. Slide your tool in between the window or doorframe and the body of the car to open a gap.

Then straighten your coat hanger and make a hook at one of its ends. Insert the hanger through the gap and lower it down until the hook gets to the locking pin of the door. Grab the pin with the hook and pull up the hanger. This method works best for manual cars. If your car is automatic, the process is much simpler since most automatic cars have a door switch at the armrest located on the side of the driver. Simply insert your hanger through the gap and lower it until it gets to the switch button that opens the door. Press the button to unlock.

Preventive Measures

If you have a tendency of leaving your cars keys in the car, you can avoid the hassle of unlocking your doors in the future by hiding your spare car keys somewhere on the car. For instance, you can install a magnetic key box that adheres to the frame or steel body of your car. Remember to position it in an obscure area where it won't become loose and fall off.