Two Reasons To Install Under Tile Heating In Your New Home

Building a new home is the perfect opportunity to make sure all the latest modern conveniences are included in the home of your dreams. As a first-time new home owner, there is plenty to think about. Since it is currently the middle of summer, the heating choices for your new home are the furthest thing from your mind. However, under tile heating is one heating choice that needs to be considered now before the home is built. It is a lot easier to have it installed during the building stage rather than when the house is complete. There are two main reasons why under tile heating is a good choice for your new home!

Keeping Mould At Bay

Mould is one of the last things you would associate with a new home, but even the newest of properties can experience mould if the home is not designed correctly. Under tile heating is a brilliant mould busting choice for your bathroom for two reasons:

  • Because the heating is under the floor, it is not affected by spilt water. Water sitting on a heated floor evaporates and can be sucked away by your bathroom fan. This eliminates the moisture that can turn to mould.
  • Underfloor heating is safe for your kid's bathroom as there is no way they can burn their little fingers on it; whereas heaters or heated towel rails can be a burn risk for children.

The constant heat radiating from the floor will reduce the amount of moisture in the air, and that means no need to worry about mould growth.

Healthy Heating

The second reason why under tile heating is so beneficial in a new home is because it offers a healthy heating option. This is particularly true for homes with family members who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma. When you use an air conditioning system to heat the home, you need to ensure the filter is changed regularly, so there is not a tonne of dust particles flying through the air. These particles irritate the airway lining of asthmatics.

Underfloor heating does not involve air being blown around, so it is a gentler form of heating for asthma sufferers. The warmth radiates through the body via the feet, and combined with other heating options such as warm clothes; it negates the need to use other forms of heating except for very cold days.

Talk to your home designer about which rooms of your new home can benefit most from under tile heating. It may be very hot now, but you will appreciate this heating choice when winter rolls around again.