Ways windows and blinds can be useful in hot summers

Being energy efficient goes much further than using solar energy for all your needs or going green. It also involves saving energy in the home in the form of heat. Most homeowners don't really take into account the amazing benefits of their windows in their homes. But believe it or not, windows and blinds can lower the heat gain in your home up to 45%. They are not just for beauty or privacy, but are also a monumental tool in controlling your home's temperatures. So if you don't want to suffer from the summer heat, here are some great tips to try out.

Go for custom blinds

Custom blinds should be among your top options when selecting blinds to control your home's temperature. The thing about custom blinds is that they'll be perfectly suited for your home. Factor such as the side guiding, colours and slope would be designed in a way that perfectly complements the architecture and aura of your home.

Custom blinds also allow regulation of the amount of sunlight you need in your home. They could be designed to reflect direct sunlight onto the ceiling or even eliminate the heat that builds up between the blind and window (greenhouse effect). You could have custom blinds that automatically adjust themselves depending on the time of day. Just ensure you go for a reputable designer when having your custom blinds installed.

Go for vertical blinds

If you can't get your hands on custom blinds, then another option is going for vertical blinds. They effectively seal your window, which prevents any hot air from building up against the window.

You could also add some solar screens outside the windows to complement the blinds. Solar screens would eliminate some UV rays and prevent the heat from reaching the windows in the first place.

Go for double hung windows

Windows are not just holes on walls, and there's a nice trick to ensure that any extra heat in your home is sucked out. Ever hear of the Bernoulli Effect? Just as air moves over an airplane wing and reduces the air pressure above the wing and on the downwind side, so does the air move over your home.

Your best bet is to open a lower window on the side where the wind is coming from and then open a higher one on the other side. The lower air pressures on the downwind side would push any hot air out of the home.