Four Instant Tips To Prevent Olive Oil Spills From Ruining Beautiful Carpets

Olive oil is an excellent accompaniment to salads and soups, but it can be a real nightmare when you end up spilling it on your carpet for any reason because it embeds deeply into the fibres and is hard to remove. Luckily, you don't have to end up throwing out your beautiful carpets. Follow these instant tips for the best results on taking out the carpet stains before they become set.

Wipe The Excess Olive Oil Off The Carpet Surface

Your first step should be to wipe the excess oil off the carpet using an absorbent paper towel. Do not rub the stain because you will end up spreading oil across the carpet. Instead, gently dab the area to remove the excess oil. Apart from paper towels, you can use absorbent, lint-free cloths. Make sure the cloths are lint-free or else you will end up with a bigger disaster than before.

Sprinkle Face Powder Over The Stained Area

Once you've been able to remove the excess olive oil, sprinkle some face powder over it and make sure you cover the whole stained surface. The face powder works to soak up the remaining oil embedded inside the carpet fibres, making it easier for you to remove in your next steps. Vacuum the powder away after a few hours and ensure that no residue is left on the surface.

Apply Oil-Tackling Detergent To The Stain With A Gentle Toothbrush

Special grease and oil-tackling detergent will assist you in your effort to tackle the rest of the olive oil stain efficiently. Simply apply a few drops over the stained area and use a gentle toothbrush to prod it into the carpet surface. Keep prodding gently until you're satisfied that the olive oil stain has been completely removed. You may need to add a few more detergent drops every once in a while when you're performing this action. Add some water to rinse out the detergent once complete.

Wipe The Carpet Surface Dry With A Paper Cloth Or Towel

If the olive oil stain is removed, use a paper towel to wipe down the newly rinsed carpet area and let it dry before allowing anyone to step on it once again. The drying time will ultimately depend on the amount of ventilation, humidity and temperature outside.

Follow these tips to get rid of olive oil stains before they become permanent fixtures on your carpet.