Kitchen Finishings | 3 Tips To Enjoy A Rustic Kitchen

With open plan layouts becoming popular in modern homes, you cannot afford to compromise on your kitchen decor, especially if you're the type who likes to entertain. Rustic kitchens are filled with character and charm, serving as excellent design choices for your cooking space. Use these ideas as your stepping stone to enjoying your newly designed rustic kitchen. 

Imbibe Wooden Accents Into The Décor

Hardwood accents in different areas of your kitchen can give the space a truly rustic feel with a sprawling country-cottage finish. You can finish wood in different colours and textures to generate the type of look you desire in your kitchen. For example, you can finish the wood in a dark, cherry colour to resonate with your existing kitchen décor and to give the space an antique appearance. Lighter wood tones deliver slightly more modern appeal and are ideal for homeowners who want something rustic, yet contemporary. If you're looking for depth and character, consider coarse and serrated textured woods to add to the allure of the countryside appeal you're looking for. Wooden benchtops also serve as a lovely addition.  

Consider Earthen Colours On Your Walls And Floors

Earthen colours tend to invoke feelings of nature, which is exactly what you're looking for in a country-styled rustic kitchen. Earthen colours like deep browns, beiges, greens and greys can have a stunning visual impact when you're looking to design a countryside kitchen. You can either use the same colour on your walls and floors for a homogeneous appearance, or you can choose to use contrasting light and dark colours to create added character in your cooking space. You can even get lighter and darker versions of the same shade for your floors and walls.

Choose Statement Lighting Pieces For Different Areas 

Modern kitchens work best with sleek and innocuous lights, but that's not what you want in a rustic kitchen so choose lighting pieces that can make a style statement in your cooking space. For example, oversized lampshades, pendant lights and small chandeliers can make incredible style statements in kitchens with rustic designs. You can even have the light fixtures finished in a dull copper or bronze colour to give them a true rustic feel. Vintage and rustic-styled lights are available in stores, online or even garage sales if you're looking for great bargains.

Dress up your cooking space with these smart ideas in your quest to enjoy a visually beautiful rustic kitchen.