Kitchens for People who Don't Cook

Guides to renovating your kitchen tend to have a particular focus. They're perfect if you have a large family, or you like throwing dinner parties, or you try to cook everything from scratch--but what about kitchens for everyone else? What about kitchens for people who live alone, or who are more likely to eat instant ramen than simmer away some root vegetables for a hand-blended soup? What about kitchens for working parents who need to get something out as quickly as possible to keep the ravening hordes at bay? There are indeed ways to make your kitchen work better for you if you fit into that category--and here they are.

Re-invent the working triangle to suit your needs.

The classic kitchen 'working triangle' refers to ensuring that you have a smooth path between the sink, the chopping board and the oven. It's a good thing for people who cook a lot to bear in mind as they design a kitchen--but it's not of so much use to you! When you're choosing how your kitchen will be arranged, forget the classic triangle entirely and make sure the path between the fridge, the microwave and the dishwasher is as smooth and simple as possible.

Emphasise fridge and freezer space as much as you can.

A double-wide fridge/freezer combo is vital for people who emphasise speed and convenience as they cook. Now that it really is possible to buy good, wholesome pre-prepared meals without any extra ingredients you don't need, you're going to have to find somewhere to store them--and plenty of fridge and freezer space is key! Give some thought to how you organise your fridge, and consider investing in fridge containers, dividers or labels to help you keep it all in order.

Get what you need to make takeaway easier and more fun.

If you plan on eating a lot of takeaway, there's a good chance you'll be eating food from all around the world--so why not make sure you're set up for it? Buy a couple of deep ramen bowls, make sure you have plenty of chopsticks, pick out a sushi platter and never be without a good pizza-cutting wheel.

Make sure you've got a good electric kettle.

Electric kettles aren't quite as ubiquitous in Australia as they are in the UK, but if you're planning your kitchen around speed and convenience they're a vital addition. With an electric kettle you can not only make hot drinks more easily but also significantly speed up the boiling time for the water you use to cook pasta, ramen, couscous, frozen vegetables or anything else quick and simple that needs boiling water to start!