Want Shade In Your Garden? Comparing Trees and Awnings

If you want to create a shady spot next to your home, perhaps over your patio, then you could always plant a tree with broad leaves that will generate a shadow. However, in most cases, the installation of an awning will be much better. Why should you have an awning fitted rather than planting a tree or a shrub to make shade?

Permanent Versus Semi-Permanent Solutions

To begin with, awnings are attached to the side of your house which means that they do not need to be deployed all the time. When folded up, they are completely out of the way. This is not the case with any sort of permanent fixture which will also create shade. For example, some people fit pergolas as an alternative to planting a tree to create shade over their patio. However, both pergolas and trees will always be in the way whether you want them to be or not. In short, awnings are a much more flexible shade making option.

Avoid Roots Damaging Your Home

If you want shade near to your home, then trees are not very practical. They lay down roots which can damage your house's foundations and may grow branches that eventually reach your roof, potentially knocking off tiles. Awnings have no such problems, of course.

Flexibility of Use

Although it is possible to trim a tree, of course, you cannot really adjust the shape of its canopy over the course of the day. On the other hand, an awning will provide you with this sort of flexibility. By raising and lowering your awning, you can ensure that shade is cast just what you needed at all times of the day, regardless of the height of the sun in the sky. A lot of manufacturers will provide you with automatic adjustment mechanisms these days, too, so there is very little to do to maintain the perfect level of shade.

Ultraviolet Protection

If you have awnings fitted around your home, then they should provide you with complete protection from the sun. This is because the modern materials that are used in their construction block out ultraviolet light fully. As a result, you can sit outside and enjoy your garden patio space without worrying about your skin burning. If you sit under the dappled shade that a tree provides, by contrast, then you will always be getting some of this sun's most harmful rays falling onto your body. Although this is better than sitting out in direct sunlight, awnings are preferable in this regard.