Why You Should Support Your Local Florist Over Supermarket Flowers

Buying flowers is one of the most common forms of showing your appreciation or love for someone. The delicate nature of the gift and the homage to centuries of flower giving embedded in many cultures always makes it quite a special gesture. However, now that many supermarkets have started to offer a variation of bouquets it seems like they are challenging florists for their customers. Here are a few reasons why you should always stick to a florist over the flowers you see at the shops.

Flower Quality

The simple fact is that a florist has cultivated a reliable supply chain for years, if not decades, and they only present the best quality stock that they get in. Every flower and rose petal is checked before display by someone who knows them intimately due to working around them for a long time. On the other hand, supermarkets often do not have special florists working for them. They may simply unload and display whatever is sent to them and often these flowers are banged up in transit or are quite old and die soon after purchase. If you want flowers and roses that last longer than a night and have the best colour you can get, then you must go to a florist. 

Online Orders

Many florists have begun to cater to the online market and offer delivery for their flowers. This makes the process of buying from a florist even easier, especially if you don't know where your local one is located! Online orders generally come the next day (if you live in a metropolitan area) and are delivered by a special van that ensures the delicate products are not damaged during transportation. If you have forgotten to get a loved one a gift, then buying flowers online is a great last-minute trick!

Gift Advice

Your average florist likely knows more about flowers than the entire supermarket industry combined. They will be able to give you tips on which colour flowers are appropriate for your needs. If you want flowers to mourn a loved one's passing, you don't want to buy red roses. If you are going on a date or celebrating an anniversary you also don't want to give your partner yellow flowers. Navigating the meaning of flowers can be tricky, especially if you aren't very familiar with flowers yourself. That is where you can lean on the advice of your local florist to help you decide which direction to go in.