Why in-floor heating is an environmentally friendly option

In-floor heating is a simple and convenient method of heating a room - but you may not realise that it can also be an environmentally friendly method of keeping your home warm. Here are some reasons why in-floor heating can be a green heating option.

Lower temperatures

Firstly, in-floor heating does not need to heat up as much as traditional radiators do. Radiators have a much smaller surface area, and so they need to do more work to push the heat out to the whole room. This means they have to heat up to quite a high temperature, which is why they can be too hot to touch. In-floor heating, on the other hand, does not to be so hot, as it has a much larger surface area, and the heat is already in the room where you need it. This lower operating temperature means that less energy is being used to run the heating, which will lower your carbon footprint.

No cold spots

Another reason why in-floor heating is more efficient than a traditional radiator is that it can heat the room up evenly. The heat rises from the floor and fills up the entire room. A radiator will heat the air nearest it first, which means that some of the room will be hot and stuffy, but there will also be cold spots that the heat has not yet managed to reach. This means that radiators have to work harder to heat the room and will use more energy.

Works after switching off

When they are turned off, radiators quickly grow cold, and the room will cool down as well, especially if you switch the heating off overnight. This will, of course, happen to an extent with any kind of heating, but in-floor heating will continue to keep the room warm for much longer after switching off. You can turn the heating off sooner and will save energy as a result.

Alternative heating

In-floor heating is also very easy to power by alternative energy options. Solar panels, for example, can power an in-floor heating system, as can wind turbines or heat pumps. Combining a renewable energy source with an efficient heating system can help to keep your home warm without causing damage to the environment.

In-floor heating can be a highly energy-efficient method, and as a result, it will help to lower your carbon footprint - and with it, your energy bills.

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