Why Have Your Cavity Walls Insulated?

Many homes are constructed with cavity walls. This means that in effect there are two walls: the outer one shields you from the weather outside while the inner one is the wall that you can see and decorate. The cavity is simply the gap between these two walls. You can, of course, leave this gap filled with nothing but air. However, since air is not a good insulator, it is often best to turn to a wall insulation service to fill the cavity for you. Here are some reasons why this is a good idea.

1. Cost-Effective

To begin with, a wall insulation service is not expensive. If you don't have cavity walls, then you may need an expensive insulating material to clad the outside of your home. However, with cavity walls, inexpensive material can be pumped in from the outside. Sometimes fibrous material is used and sometimes a foam is pumped in which then goes hard and acts like a giant sponge that traps air within in. Either way, this home improvement measure will not break the bank.

2. Reduce Energy Consumption

The chief environmental benefit of having your home better insulated is that it will lower your carbon footprint. In the winter, uninsulated homes consume more energy because heat is simply lost through the walls. After hiring a wall insulation service, however, the amount of time you need your central heating system turned on is dramatically reduced. This because there are fewer thermal losses to account for. Equally, cavity wall insulation keeps the strong sun out in the summer, thereby helping to reduce your electrical consumption from turning the air-conditioning on.

3. Lower Utility Bills

As mentioned, energy consumption following a wall insulation service will drop. In turn, this will have a benefit for your budget. In other words, not only is cavity wall insulation good for the environment but it is good for homeowners, too, because their annual utility bill expenditure will be greatly diminished.

4. Add Value

Homes that are properly insulated have added value. If you are looking at ways to invest in your property, then a wall insulation service from a professional company is a great option. When you come to sell your home, you will be able to demand a higher price for it if you have undertaken a suitable wall insulation installation. Few other home improvement measures you could take have this instant effect on the valuation of your house.