Three Principal Precautions for Maintaining a Security Screen Door

Security screen doors are resilient and durable. In general, these units are made using tough metals like steel and stainless steel. This allows the structures to withstand impact and other external forces. As a result, the level of protection offered is exceptional. Unfortunately, the meshed structure of the security screen tends to trap dirt and debris. Over time, if the beautiful feature is not maintained, it will appear filthy and stained. Therefore, it is advisable to plan for proper cleaning and general upkeep of the door. Here are core guidelines for effective maintenance of your residential security screens.

Wash the Door

The most important maintenance process for your security screen is cleaning. As mentioned, the accumulation of dirt on the surfaces will compromise the appearance of the door. However, this is not the only problem. If the coating of filth is ignored, it will trap moisture, damage the protective coatings and accelerate the rate of corrosion of the meshing. This problem can be particularly prominent if your home is located close to the ocean.

Therefore, you should acquire supplies for washing the security screen. Under ideal circumstances, one should utilise the cleaning products recommended by the door manufacturer. However, a mild car or dishwashing soap will do. For the best results, put the soap in a bucket of warm water and use a cloth or brush to wipe or scrub the door, depending on the amount of dirt. Then, rinse the door thoroughly with clean water to prevent soapy build-up.

Inspect for Damage

Security doors are very tough, but they are not infallible. In simple terms, the screens can withstand unfavourable conditions, but a lot of stress will cause some damage. Therefore, it is advisable for you to make time to inspect the unit. This will allow you to identify problems which could compromise the security of the feature. Ideally, you should check the locking mechanism and ensure that it engages well. Also, look at the hinges and ensure that they are adequately tight. Loose fasteners should be replaced. In addition, look out for corrosion problems and resolve as soon as possible.

Lubricate the Parts

Finally, you should plan on lubricating the core moving components of the security screen door such as the hinges and locks. This practice will reduce friction while operating. Consequently, there will be less wear, and the door will keep operating silently. When preparing for this upkeep work, you should acquire a dry lubricating compound like graphite powder. Wet lubricants will trap dust in the parts after application.