Long-Term Storage Tips: How to Prepare Your Vehicle

If you are planning on storing your vehicle for a long period of time, you should consider choosing a self-storage facility that offers vehicle storage services. This is an ideal solution if you do not have enough space on your property to keep the vehicle. In general, there are many different storage units available for this purpose. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable based on location and accessibility. It is also advisable to evaluate the features provided by different storage providers before making your decision. In addition to choosing a good self-storage unit, use these tips on preparing your vehicle before placing it in storage.

Clean the Vehicle

You should ensure that your automobile is clean before placing it in storage. This is crucial because the accumulation of dirt can cause deterioration. For instance, if there is dirt and grime on the metal panels, the risk of corrosion will be higher. Therefore, you should plan on washing the external surfaces to prevent any degradation. You should also clean the internal areas. This will eliminate general debris in the vehicle which could promote pest infestation and mould growth.

Fill the Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is vulnerable to damage when left empty for long periods of time. The metal used in fabricating this component will rust over time due to ambient moisture in the air. Therefore, when preparing a car for self-storage, it is advisable to fill the reservoir with fuel. This will prevent the deterioration of the structural material. Also, consider incorporating a stabiliser into the fuel to prevent the degradation of the fluid.

Consider the Battery

The electrical components in a vehicle depend on the battery. Therefore, you must ensure that this element is protected during the storage period. This will eliminate the need for acquiring a new battery when you are ready to use the vehicle again. You should plan on disconnecting the battery before locking the car up in your storage unit. This will prevent the gradual compromise of the internal components. Keep in mind that if the battery is left connected, the internal reactions could cause acid leakage.

Use a Suitable Cover  

Finally, you should find a good cover to protect the car from environmental factors. Where possible, you should choose a self-storage facility with climate-control features. However, it is still prudent to purchase a car cover. This will prevent the accumulation of debris and dust on your car, ensuring that it remains clean. If you are not certain about the acquisition of a suitable cover, consult the self-storage provider.