Here Are 3 Types of Safes for Protecting Your Valuable Items

Most homeowners in Australia have a desire to protect some of the most sensitive and valuable items they have in their possession. A quality safe guarantees exceptional safety of your precious family heirlooms. It also makes sure that dangerous hunting gear doesn't get into the wrong hands.

It is important that you first go over the different types of safes with a locksmith as you look for one that ticks all your boxes. Before purchasing a safe, you first have to take into consideration what it is you intend on keeping in the safe. It is also equally essential to determine whatever you want to shield your items from to help you make a good decision. Here are a few types of safes to guide you in this aspect.

A Security Safe

The good thing about security safes is that they are designed to easily fit in tight spaces. You can keep this type of safe under your bed or hidden behind some furniture in your bedroom. Better yet, security safes allow you enough space to store several valuables without having to worry.

Among the most common items you can store in a security safe are jewellery and cash when you want assurance that nobody will get to them. However, one thing you should look at when buying this type of safe is its impact rating. This is essentially what guarantees you that the safe can withstand a massive drop without breaking and releasing its contents.

Gun Safes

These types of safes are designed to store guns. Their size and structure will ultimately depend on the kind of weapon you intend to put there. If you want to keep a handgun, the size will be much smaller with at least one compartment. Their design allows you to place them under accessible sections of your desk, on the wall, and even as a standalone structure.

The much larger types of gun safes are also designed to accommodate bigger weaponry such as shotguns and hunting rifles, with some offering space for multiple big guns. These safes also feature a restrictive access functionality that seeks to strengthen the security of the safe further.

Biometric Safes           

You can say goodbye to the good old lock-and-key combination safes thanks to the introduction of biometric safes. These safes are the epitome of modern technology, bringing in an advanced security element with the sole purpose of protecting your valuables.

They utilise fingerprint technology that only authorises access after the owner places their finger on a mounted scanner. This prevents you from falling victim to security compromises from a cracked safe since the input is unique to only one element: your fingerprint.