Ideas to Inspire Your Custom Kitchen Design

Building a custom kitchen lets you create unique looks and tailor the storage in any way you wish. Here are several ideas to inspire your plans for a custom-made kitchen.

Creative Cabinets

Why not create interesting looks with contrasting cabinet colours and materials? After all, if the kitchen is crafted especially for you, the opportunities are endless. You could combine two shades of the same hue across the doors. For example, install charcoal lower cabinets and pale grey upper ones. Another idea is to combine materials by mixing solid timber within melamine or vinyl doors. For example, alternate white and stained timber cupboards, insetting a colourful stained glass panel in the wooden doors. The white will set off the feature doors and provide an eye rest. Another option is to install glass fronts — either frosted or clear — which will create an airy feel and prevent the high cupboards from looming over the kitchen.

Customised Storage

Custom cabinetry allows you to build storage in unique sizes and shapes. If you love wine, fit a rack to protect and secure your collection. If setting the table for meals is a hassle, install pull-out storage that holds the crockery, glasses, and cutlery needed. That way, everything will be nearby and all-in-one place. Additionally, install custom open shelves and display whatever you please, be it pottery, a vintage clock, or anything else. You could construct the shelves from glass, timber, or metal and craft them in any length or shape to harmonise with the room.

Tailor-Made Kitchen Islands

Another possibility is to fabricate a custom kitchen island in unique contours to fit your kitchen. For example, if the room is elongated or compact, build a narrow or small island to fit. A kitchen island helps create a convenient work triangle, making it easier for you to prepare food. This triad consists of the relation between the sink, cooktop, and refrigerator. Setting a cooktop or sink on the island expands layout options and makes it easier to set up the ideal workflow. If you get it right, you won't have to walk too far when cooking. Neither will the main appliances be too close to cause congestion if several people are cooking. Additionally, you can build a fixed or movable island in custom made kitchens, which you can roll to the side out of the way. A mobile island can make an excellent buffet if you throw a party.