Advantages of Installing Plantation Shutters in a Home

It can be tricky to settle on a window covering for your home because there are various blind options and curtains to consider. One possibility is plantation shutters. The advantages of plantation shutters are explained below


Plantation shutters can be custom-built for diverse window sizes and shapes. They can dress bay windows or small bathroom windows. You can also set them up to cover wide glass doors leading to a patio.

You can also build shutters to cover windows in diverse ways. For example, you could install a shutter in two sections with a horizontal partition so you can operate the top and bottom independently. Or you could build them to cover only the bottom part of the window, providing privacy while allowing sunlight to stream into the upper section of the window.

Additionally, you can select from materials such as timber, vinyl and aluminium. Vinyl and aluminium suit the humid atmosphere of kitchens and bathrooms, as these materials can withstand moist conditions. Some shutters are made from composite materials, so the blades might be filled with MDF and wrapped in vinyl, for example.

Light Control

Plantation shutters offer light control options. You can angle the louvres to deflect the light upward or downward, creating a dappled lighting impression. With hinged and bi-fold models, you can open the shutters to the side and let daylight flow freely inside, giving a clear view of the garden. Of course, you can also darken the room entirely by rotating the louvres flat. Plantation shutters attach securely to the window frame, so they don't allow light to peek around the sides like roller and Venetian blinds can.


Plantation shutters aren't only functional. They also dress the windows in an appealing texture and draw attention to them. Shutters create an accent in a room that might be otherwise lacking in interesting architectural elements. They also produce a clean look, unlike curtains, which fill a room with folds that take up space. Plantation shutters offer a balance between being visually appealing but not overwhelming.

Enhance Your Home

Being built into the window frame, these shutters become part of the building. They can help make your home more attractive if you're selling, as potential buyers won't have to install window coverings but will have beautiful ones already in place. If you stand outside a house with plantation shutters, you'll see they're visible from the street. Thus, they also create an appealing kerb view, enhancing the crucial first impression of a buyer.

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